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Welcome to, where you can access tools and support services designed especially for you by your counselor.

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Private and Accessible

All services are accessible via a normal web browser, and on your smartphone, with strong SSL encryption and high security.

Complete Set of Tools

Recoveration works as a communication tool between you and your counselor. Because it's available 24 hours a day, you'll have access to notes, documents, strategies and assignments that your counselor has built especially for you. These materials can be called up by mobile phone or browser any time, even when your counselor's office is closed.

Powerful Resources offers a suite of online tools designed by professionals to improve communication during treatment and recovery process.

Benefits include the ability to:

  • Provide distance treatment services.
  • Create online assignments, build custom questionnaires and design coursework.
  • Offer secure online chats and exchange private messages with clients.
  • Maintain contact between office visits.
  • Track time and activity for billing.
  • Run reports on counselor activity and measure usage
  • Participate in private conversations with other counselors

For a full feature list, and to learn more about the service, please see the tools section.