Online Distance Treatment


Online Distance Treatment

Recoveration - The Recovery Place

Building the tools for freedom

Recoveration was developed with input from counselors in the state of Iowa.

Main Objectives

  • To deliver a reliable and affordable service to counseling agencies who wish to offer online treatment options to their clients.
  • To allow counselors to maintain contact with clients between in-person office visits.
  • To allow agencies to offer treatment to clients who are unable to make regular office visits, whether due to distance or disability.

Client Benefits allows clients to access tools and resources furnished by their counseling agency from any computer or smartphone. Our smartphone portal enables clients to have access to tips, notes and a library of documents no matter where they are, even on-the-go.

It's all about communication

Much like the telephone, the Recoveration service is a communication tool. By providing a secure channel of communication between counselors and clients, it's possible to break through the 8-5 M-F limitations and allow agencies to offer information and tools to their clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our service is built upon the belief that information and tools should be available when people need them. Not everyone has a crisis or backslides only during business hours.



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About Recoveration

Recoveration is an online distance treatment communication service developed with input from the Iowa Department of Public Health and Substance Abuse Services Center