Online Distance Treatment


Online Distance Treatment

Recoveration - The Recovery Place

Features and Benefits is an online service that facilitates contact, communication and continuity between counselors and clients in a secure, encrypted, confidential environment.

With a subscription to the service, you will receive

  • Secure Online Messaging
    Communicate confidentially using strong encryption between you and your clients across the Internet. Clients can read and reply to your messages via their computer or web-enabled smartphone.
  • Online Library
    Upload PDF files and Audio files in MP3 format to an online reference library that is available only to your clients. The Online Library is a general resource for all your clients and can contain overviews of treatments, symptoms to watch for and even podcasts. The online library is available to clients via computer or smartphone.
  • Personalized Notes and Files
    In addition to the Online Library, you can upload files for each client and create reference materials customized for each individual. Perfect for clients who are in treatment, you can publish notes to help them recognize their triggers along with coping strategies that you have discussed with them. Personalized notes are also available to clients on their smartphone, allowing them easy access to support and strategies no matter where they happen to be.
  • Online Questionnaires
    This exciting feature allows you to build an unlimited number of questionnaires which can then be assigned to your clients. Similar to online coursework, the possibilities for this feature are endless. You can design courses for clients who receive treatment over distance, and courses for clients who have regular office visits.
  • Live Chats
    Counselors can schedule online chat times with individual clients who are unable to visit the office, or may be more comfortable with chatting online instead of using the phone. Group live chats (counselor-led) are also supported.
  • Full Client Smartphone Support
    As mentioned above, all client services are available via a computer or smartphone. Smartphone access provides clients with an extra layer of privacy. Clients can communicate with their counselor, do assignments, access their Personalized Notes & Files, chat, and browse your Online Library from anywhere at any time. This is especially useful for clients who wish to receive treatment services without the knowledge of family members. Clients can also elect to receive chat, message and assignment notifications via Text Message instead of email.
  • Private Notes
    Keep short notes on clients at your fingertips with the Private Notes feature. Notes are not visible to clients.
  • Counselor Conversations
    One of the most exciting features for organizations, our Conversations section is only visible to counselors. You can start a new conversation between counselors just within your organizations, within selected organizations in your state, all organizations in your state, or all organizations on Recoveration. It's a great way to share ideas, and discuss strategies across groups and Agencies without the mess that commonly accompanies email exchanges.
  • Optional Billing Support
    For organizations who bill based on time, we offer an optional billing module that allows you to run reports for any specified date range. The reports show each counselor and time spent working with each client on the service.

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About Recoveration

Recoveration is an online distance treatment communication service developed with input from the Iowa Department of Public Health and Substance Abuse Services Center