Online Distance Treatment


Online Distance Treatment

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Whether you need to offer services over distance or simply want to provide clients with personalized resources, assignments and the ability to stay in touch between sessions, we can help.

Developed with generous input from Substance Abuse Services Center of Dubuque (SASC) and feedback from the Iowa Gambling Treatment Program (IGTP), Recoveration is a revolutionary concept which delivers significant benefits to agencies, counselors and clients. With this service, your agency can:

  • Provide Distance Treatment
    Offer services to clients in rural areas and locations where a physical office visit isn't possible or practical including secure messaging and text chats
  • Increase Client Contact and Provide Continuity
    With the ability to offer personalized content for each client including documents, notes, questionnaires and assignments, you can help your clients feel connected and engaged in their own recovery during the time between each office visit.
  • Provide Access Any Time, Anywhere
    It's no secret that mobile devices are quickly becoming the new way to access online content, and the smartphone is often far more private for a client than a shared family computer. With our service, your clients can access their notes, triggers, coping strategies and communications from their phone as well as their PC.
  • Provide Content
    With support for PDF documents, streaming audio and more, you can build an online resource for your clients that can help them stay on course.
  • Provide Accountability
    With the optional time-reporting module, you can easily track time spent with each client on and download CSV files for importing into your billing software.

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About Recoveration

Recoveration is an online distance treatment communication service developed with input from the Iowa Department of Public Health and Substance Abuse Services Center